Why buying a new-build home in London is better than not


An off-plan property is an excellent investment for first-time investors, experienced ones, and those looking to diversify their portfolio. The old adage about property retaining or improving upon its value, given time, is a generally an accepted fact that has enriched millions of people around the world.

Chestertons’ International Residential Developments (IRD) team specialises in selling only the best off-plan properties on the market. With over 200 years of property experience and a variety of developments throughout the world, we can help you, a smart investor, find the right investment suited for you.

Buying an Off-plan Property Now

With the UK investing heavily on infrastructure and regeneration projects, more jobs and a rise in retail and commercial activities are expected which means there will be a greater demand for further housing projects, particularly in cities like London, Manchester and Birmingham. With an abundance of economic activity happening right now and developers focusing on products tailored to modern-day living, it’s key and always advised to purchase in the early stages of any regeneration to gain substantial future returns.


Things to Consider When Buying an Off-plan Property

  1. Familiarise yourself with the market and the areas that are undergoing regeneration where most likely property prices are projected to increase.
  2. Consider the facilities nearby the location you are looking at, including schools, parks, shops, and transport links.
  3. Check if there are show suites available so you can personally see the size, layout, and design of the property.
  4. If the property is not finished by its estimated completion date, are you in a flexible position to adapt to such circumstances?
  5. It’s important to take frequent site visits so you can keep track of how the construction progresses and you can keep up to date virtually through communication from the developer.

Benefits of Buying an Off-plan Property with Chestertons

  1. Chestertons holds an extensive selection of developments throughout the region, all benefiting from exceptional locations within promising regeneration zones.
  2. Putting high emphasis on our customers’ needs, we make sure each development benefits from excellent facilities and amenities including health and fitness centres, parks, shops, restaurants, and transport connections within walking distance.
  3. Our Sales and Marketing suites are spread across various locations in the UK giving customers the opportunity to view a show suite in an area of their choice, and allowing them to have a proper look of the quality and specifications of the property.
  4. Our off-plan developments are built for modern living and are easy to maintain. Each development enjoys superior home furnishing as well as top-of-the-line security measures.
  5. Majority of our apartments come with either a terrace or a balcony, a great feature found in off-plan properties which gives owners the chance to secure a property designed in accordance with their liking.


To learn more about the New Homes investment products that Chestertons offers, please send us a message at newhome@chestertons.com, you can also call or whatsapp +44 785 290 1523.